Purpose and Mission

Look to Christ

​​We are a community of people who have decided to look to Christ in our lives. When we do not look to Christ, we automatically look to other things to try to satisfy our need for purpose, meaning, identity and security. The Bible shows us that those things leave us empty and put us at odds with God. The truth is, we have all been rebels who reject God. This exposesus all to eternal judgment as a result of God giving us over to our desire to be our own god and satisfy our own desires. The good news is that God in His love for us has made one way of escape. We can decide to look to Jesus Christ and trust Him to make us right with God and receive His rich eternal life within us. If we do, God applies to us the payment for sin that Jesus made when He was tortured to death for us on a 1st century Roman cross. We are forgiven and begin a new relationship with God through the resurrected Christ. This is how we begin as a disciple of Jesus Christ, a follower of Jesus, a true Christian. Our mission as a church includes being a community of people who look to Christ with ongoing faith in Him to forgive us and give us a new kind of life with Him. We are also a place where people who are not currently looking to Christ are welcomed to explore what it means to follow Jesus by being with those who do.

Live Christ​​

Looking to Christ leads to living Chirst. When we are drawn into God’s personal and powerful life it will change us. Christ will begin to make our behaviors and attitudes more and more like His as we learn to let His life and His Spirit live through us. We are commited to sumbitting to Jesus to be our teacher who shows us how to practice divine love by obeying His commands from the heart. A conversational relationship grows with God where we talk to Him in prayer and He speaks to us in His Word, the Bible, giving us encouragement and direction for our lives. We learn to depend on His ongoing help step by step through failures and successes. A closeness and affection for Christ and His ways grows. We come to know Him deeply, richly and personally and we gravitate toward becoming like Him, person we most admire and treasure. As we learn to follow Jesus this way, the light of Christ’s life shines more and more brightly through us and our lives are focused on things that really matter. Our mission as a church is to represent what Christ is really like to our community. When we live Christ, we let His light shine through us in our words and actions each day.

Lead to Christ

​​Jesus told his first disciples to go and make other Christ followers. It is our joy and part of our mission to help others in our families & community to enter into a discipleship relationship with Jesus where they, too, look to Christ, live Christ and lead others to Christ. We are committed to humbly share with others what Jesus has done in our lives and tell the story of God’s incredible offer of rescue through faith in Jesus. We seek to be a church that regularly leads people in our community to Christ. We also support a number of efforts to lead people to Christ in other countries and cultures around the world

Our Mission
We exist to Look to Christ, Live like Christ and Lead others to Christ